Expert brokerage service

Linkmaster Finance offers an expert corporate funding brokerage service.

Established in 1995 by Michael Dunne, a highly experienced Property and Corporate finance professional.
We help private and corporate investors source the finance they need for property purchases and investments.
Whether you are developing properties or investing in a commercial property on a small or large scale,
we have the capacity and experience to source the best finance deal for your project.

Years of experience

With our many years of experience working with lenders, landlords, developers and investors on projects ranging from £100,000 to £20million, we have the know-how and contacts to identify and secure the right funding for you.

How we work for you

“It’s very important to have strong relationships with funders. They enable me to deliver solutions to clients’ funding needs. I can then target each deal to the most appropriate funder. I place great emphasis on preparing a professional package for the funder as I believe a good first impression is essential”.

“So… I’m sitting in front of the client, thinking: ‘I’ll go to XYZ funder.’ As I gather information and talk to the client my view may change and another funder may become more appropriate. I prepare my presentation and the focus on those funders who are most likely to accept the proposal.It’s all about understanding the funder’s criteria, and then preparing a professional presentation to meet the funder’s requirements.”